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The Little Ones

Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday, a Sunday when we are reminded about the horrors of abortion. We pray for an end to abortion. We also take time to pray for ministries that are devoted to helping pregnant women (and families), encouraging them to keep their child, giving them the facts about abortion, and sharing the Gospel with these women.

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a difficult time considering nursery work a joy and a privilege. I prayed for my selfishness. In answer to my prayer, the Lord reminded me what an incredible privilege it is to have a nursery full of healthy, beautiful babies. How amazing that these babies were, by God’s grace, not aborted! How wonderful that so many of these little ones can grow up in Christian homes with loving parents who live out the Gospel before them! And how insanely blessed I am to be able to hold, and teach, and rock them for a little while! Needless to say, that evening as I worked in the nursery, I was grateful just to hear a baby’s cry. Their little voices, just learning to talk, brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am thankful for God’s work in their parents’ lives, and the work He will do in the lives of these and other children.

According to the National Right to Life, one baby is aborted every 25 seconds in the United States. That’s two precious hands that will never curl around a mother’s fingers. That’s one little mouth that will never smile, laugh, or cry. That’s two little legs that will never take first steps amidst excited clapping. Every twenty-five seconds! See, for every two babies born, another baby dies in an abortion (source: Tennessee Right to Life). That means for every two children I read to in the nursery, another one has been aborted.

This is terrible! I am continually horrified at the wickedness of our culture, the wickedness in my own life. However, I must also be continually grateful for God’s work in my life, and in the lives of others. Praise the Lord for each little hand, foot, mouth, eye, and nose! Praise the Lord for His love for children and His providence for them! I think that the matter of abortion causes two responses.

First, we must take action. Be continually in prayer for an end to abortion. Volunteer time, money, or needed items to an organization that helps pregnant mothers and mothers of newborns. And we must stand up for the lives of the defenseless!

Second, truly appreciate and love each little child God brings into your life. Be thankful for the life of each child you know; each one truly is a gift from God. Let us show the darkened world around us that children are a blessing, not a curse. Let us love the children and their parents with the love of God. There is so much to be thankful for, even in the dismal matter of abortion. We should be thankful for the parents who adopt, the ministries that love and share the Gospel with pregnant women, and the work God has already done to show His glory in this matter. And may He work through us to bring an end to this dreadful mass murder of precious, unborn children!


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Love’s Sacrifice

Love’s Sacrifice
She sat in lonely prison cell and wept-
Her faithlessness stood out in sharp relief
Far from her faithful Prince her heart had crept
Now she was clad in misery and grief.
He, in His mercy, leapt upon His steed
And flew as though with wings to castle foul;
He knew His cherished darling was in need
Her He must rescue from Foe’s death-filled scowl.
He fought through dragons, fire- per’lous lands!
He sacrificed Himself to save His bride,
And as he broke iron bars with nail-scarred hands
Foe gave a final blow and laughed with pride.
In one last breath Prince whispered, “You are free.”
Her sobs came as she realized her harms;
But as the birds sang dawn’s sweet song with glee
He woke up, conqu’or, took her in His arms.
No greater sacrifice has e’er been seen-
He changed her from a harlot to a queen.


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