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Where am I?

I apologize that it has been months since I have posted. At the end of August, I started college (I know, I can’t believe it either!). I also apologize to those of you who made comments on previous posts that I just moderated. Thank you for your comments and for sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

Right now, I am praying about this blog. It is my hope that I can continue it and learn to balance all my other responsibilities along with “Created to be a Help.” However, we’ll see what God has in store. I hope to reach a decision in the next couple of days about whether to postpone posting for a while or continue. In the meantime, I hope to share a little bit about college so far. I also need to update this blog’s purpose page; I’ve had it written for so long and need to finish editing it.

I hope that you are all having a very blessed autumn.

In Christ,


Update: I finished the blog’s purpose page. I apologize for its lengthiness. I plan to make it more concise at some point in the near future. I just wanted it to be there so anyone interested may read it.


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