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A lot happened over this past year.

In reality, that is a sentence that holds true as I look back over each year of my life. This makes it even more crucial for me to keep a journal– a record of God’s faithfulness. In another post about journaling, I quoted Elisabeth Elliot. She called her journal “A Chronicle of a Soul.” She says:

My memory is poor. A journal is a record of His faithfulness (and my own faithfulness too- which teaches me to value His grace and mercy).

Reading the outpourings of my heart to the Lord truly shows me how faithful He is to me. I can see glimpses of His plan for me in all things.

A journal has been a most instrumental part of my devotional life. It is a place where I can dedicate my day to God in writing, where I can record Scripture and prayer requests, where I can thank God for His goodness to me, where I can plunge the depths of my grief.

Past journals are an encouragement to me even today. Seeing my past growth and God’s constant faithfulness encourages my present self to continue studying the Scriptures, praise God and continue in prayer with thanksgiving. My younger self, in black and white on the pages, reminds me that the way to live the Christian life is to trust and obey. Journals have also helped me see those deeply entwined sins that I might have otherwise missed. I write me journals as prayers to the Lord because I am tempted to rant about situations or drown in my pity. Journaling in this way helps me see things in perspective– in light of eternity.

As another week of 2008 begins, I encourage you to start a journal if you do not already do so. And if you already keep a journal, resolve to keep it even more faithfully. Over at The Rebelution, you will find a very encouraging post that explains a purpose of a journal and will further motivate you in your journaling pursuits.

Happy chronicle-keeping!


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