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Insecurity. It’s a word that’s often used to describe a common condition. It’s a watered down way to talk about a problem of the heart: lack of trust in and focus on God. I know that guys may deal with insecurity, too. But I want to specifically address girls and insecurity over their appearances.

Most girls today are unhappy with the way they appear. Like it or not, we’re bombarded with images of perfect-looking models with great figures, creamy complexions, smooth, silky hair, and straight, white teeth. No wonder we feel insecure! But my question is: why do we want to have these things? I find that for myself, the answer is often to win the favor and approval of man (gender neutral). Any desire to be beautiful must stem from a heart motive of glorifying God. And honestly, I don’t think that having shinier hair or an hourglass figure will help me glorify God more.

It’s so easy to be insecure. Maybe you wonder if any guy will ever want to marry you, since there are so many prettier girls out there. Maybe you wish you had a better figure and could wear that oh-so-cute top that you saw on the mannequin in the mall. However, when it comes down to it, realize that insecurity about appearance stems from a desire to please man and not God. And that is sin.

The Solution: Trust and Gratitude

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup or attractive clothing. On the contrary, you can dress beautifully and modestly. We should ensure that our appearance is presentable, but that it is also that which befits a godly woman. From Creation, it is evident that God loves color and beauty!  But the most important thing is having a beautiful heart, and that comes only from a secure faith in God. Are you trusting in God with your appearance, with your money, with your future? Are you thankful for what He has given you? And are you careful in not using your beauty to cause men to stumble? Are you spending too much time or money obsessing over clothes? Is working on your appearance making you late to events? There is such thing as a good amount of time, money, and effort as far as wardrobe, make-up, and hair go. And it may be different for each of us. It is important to routinely perform a “heart-surgery” (as one of our pastors says) and prayerfully evaluate the time, money, effort, and worry that you put into things such as make-up, clothes, hair, and exercise.

As Shakespeare eloquently states, “…rosy lips and cheeks within [Time’s] bending sickle’s compass come…” Outward beauty may not last forever, but beauty that comes from a heart that trusts sincerely in God will last. “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Enjoy the beauty God has given you! Be content with your appearance. I don’t mean a reluctant contentment, but a joyful, sincere, gratitude to God for what He has given you, and also, what He has given to others. You can’t be grateful and envious at the same time! Nor can you be grateful and complaining at the same time. God created us beautifully, knitting each part together deliberately (Psalm 139).

In desiring to please God, we must talk to Him about our struggles. Ask Him for help in managing what He has given you well and to His glory.

Confidently rest in Christ’s work for you on the cross and continual mercy and grace in your life. Joyfully thank Him for everything! Then, you will find true security- security that a perfect complexion or gorgeous hair can never give.


Here are some resources that have helped me in my struggle with appearance insecurity:

-Check out both of these Boundless articles that can be found here and here.

-Check out the Girltalk Beauty Section for thought-provoking, Gospel-centered articles.

-Download Carolyn Mahaney’s talk, “True Beauty.” It’s well worth the money!

-Listen to the episode of Albert Mohler’s radio show, “The Nature of True Beauty in Confused Times.”

And, most importantly, continue studying Scripture and knowing your Savior better. It is by gazing and focusing on Him that we truly stop obsessing over ourselves.


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